Saturday, September 11, 2010

Clear Water Sponge Cake 清水蛋糕

Recipe adapted from here. 食谱转自这里
Ingredients 材料:
(A) 3 egg yolks 蛋黄, 1 whole egg 全蛋, 50g corn oil 粟米油
(B) 50g low protein flour (cake flour) 低粉(蛋糕粉)
(C) 3 egg whites 蛋白
(D) 50g castor sugar 细砂糖, 1g salt 盐

Method 做法:
1) Beat (A) till well mixed with an egg beater. 用打蛋器打匀(A)。
2) Sift in (B), mix well. 筛入(B)拌匀。
3) Whisk (C) till frothy, add (D) and beat till stiff peak. 把(C)打至粗泡,加入(D)打至干性发泡
4) Fold in the egg white mixture to egg yolk mixture in 3 additions, mix till well combined. Scope the batter into paper cups till 60% full. 蛋白霜分3次和蛋黄糊拌匀,用小勺装进纸杯至6分满。
5) Bake in preheated oven at 150C for about 18-20mins. 烤箱预热150度,烤18-20分钟左右。

1) After baking for 20mins the surface of the cake was still quite pale, I switched to upper heat (turned off lower heat) and continued to bake for about 2- 3 mins. 烤了20分钟后蛋糕表面的颜色还是有点白,我转为上火继续烤约2 –3 分钟让表面上色。***(May be next time preheat oven to 170C for 20-25 mins - reference from jocelinelor )2) I followed the recipe to add 1g of salt (I just got a digital scale as a gift, therefore I managed to weigh 1g this time, yeh), I found that the cake was a bit salty, so I suggest to add only a small pitch of salt will do. 我跟着食谱加入1克的盐,我觉得蛋糕有点咸,所以我建议加入一小撮盐即可。

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