Sunday, July 31, 2011

Peach Longevity Paus 寿桃

Recipe adapted from Y3K cookbooks ~ Paus (pg 21)

Make 20 piece

Ingredient for skin :

A: (mixed just prior to using)
2 tsp instant yeast, 150ml water
B: 300g pau flour, 80g wheat flour
80g icing sugar
1 tsp double-action baking powder
35g shortening
C: little red/pink colouring

Ingredient for making dough leaves :
(mixed just prior to using)
50g pau flour, 28ml water, little green colouring

For filling:

360g red beanpaste
40g dried longans (soaked, drained, choped) ~ i didnt put


  1. For filling : divide filling into 20g each part, shape into round

  2. For skin : combine ingredient (B) in a big mixing bowl, add ingredient (A), mix wel. Invert onto a tabletop, knead with your palms for 2 mins till dough becomes shiny and soft. Return dough to big bowl, cover with a piece of cloth. Proof for 1 hour, divide into 32g each part.

  3. For leaves : combine ingredients on tabletop. knead with your palms for 2min till dough becomes shiny, flatten. Divide equally into 40 parts. Use a (2 leaves per pau) tablespoon to shape out leaves and a small knife to draw out veins of leaves. Set them aside.

  4. To shape : make no (2) into a round and then flatten it. Ensure center is thicker than the sides. Stuff in filling, pull centre up to seal edges each of no (1). Gather edges, seal opening and lay opening facing downwards. Use a metal fork and press a dent on the middle part creating a peach shape. Dab alittle water on no (3) and stick them on pau. Place on flattened paper, repeat process. Cover and proof for 30 min.

  5. Bring water to a rapid boil, place into a steaming rack. Lay a piece of cloth on top. Arrange no (3) on it, covered. Steam over low heat for 5 min or till cooked through. Dip toothbrush into red colouring and run finger along brush creating a spray of colour on paus.


  1. 好美!

  2. ariescovis : TQVM ! paiseh , this is my 1st attempt doing paus, i just follow the steps and "agar-agar" however the outcome not bad !

    You may try, i m sure not a promble for u.

  3. 唉~~~~我不行啦!那天又失败了!